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Welcome to The Outcast!

The specifically for Grim Dawn developed and tailored Discord bot, providing several unique features and functions.
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Web Control Panel

All of our available features.

All features can be toggled and individualised inside the control panel for each discord you own and the bot is inside of.

Global Forum Verification

Link your Official Grim Dawn Forum Profile with your Discord Account.

Options to verify yourself with your Official Grim Dawn Forum account. Verify your Grim Dawn Forum Account and receive special perks and permissions inside the Grim Dawn Community Discord or every Server that this Bot is properly setup inside of.

Auto Embeds

Auto replies to links with discord embeds.

Automatic Discord embeds for posted Grimtools and Official Forum links. Posted embeds contain important information about the contained character build or details about the posted forum thread. These Embeds also contain some hidden information, as example the Grim Tools embed contains the age of the build and exact game version.

Experience System

Receive special ranks and perks based upon your activity.

Receive special ranks and perks based upon your activity. Earn experience by posting messages, images and other content. The length and content of your message are considered when calculating the amount of experience you receive.

This feature is only available in the Community Discord for now.

Ranking System

Follow global and local server activity closely.

Well-designed dashboards and leader boards regarding each discord user. Earn experience with messages and activity to climb the ranks on the user leader boards.

This feature is only available in the Community Discord for now.

Build System

Sophisticated build list with voting, viewing and editing.

Submit or view any submitted Grim Dawn build, either in the Grim Dawn Community Discord or on the official forums. A dedicated rating system based on discord reactions and discord login verified website votes allows for an easy way to find the best builds from the community.

Currently disabled for reconstruction, bare with us.

Tag System

Simple creation of automated bot answers.

Create so called Tags to be called with your own defined command prefix or chat content to trigger them. Tags are text replies based on the submitted text, this makes often requested answers or chat content easy to access. The community can submit tags to be reviewed in the web control panel.

You can add, call, remove and modify all tags using the designated chat commands or the web control panel.

All tags from the community discord are included by default as global tags but are overridden by your local tags for your discord server.

Forum Tracker

Track all official forum posts from Crate Entertainment and moderators.

Forum threads or posts created by Crate Entertainment employees, or other involved personnel inside the official grim dawn forum, posted as embeds to a selected Discord text-channel.

Social Media Tracker

Track all social media posts from Crate Entertainment.

Automatically receive discord embeds to a by you named discord channel about Twitter posts from Crate Entertainment and development streams on Twitch about updates or upcoming changes to Grim Dawn.

We are working on it!

This place is under construction, please be patient with us.

We have plans and ideas about this project that just couldn't have been realized yet. A lot of currently Community Discord only features is planned for the public! You can find a list of all planned features on the Patreon page.
We are continuously working on these features, plans, bugs and other potential issues.

This is the very first public version, bare with us.
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Grim Dawn Community Discord.

Join us in discussion or get your dearest questions answered by the community.


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Our Community

Join us in our devotion and interest in Grim Dawn.

Join the Grim Dawn community in the most interactive and active way possible.

Our Community Discord provides dedicated chat and voice rooms for finding players and trading items and having fun in general.

  • Officially endorsed by Crate Ent.
  • Community held and managed.
  • Very large and active player base.
  • Clear guidelines of behavior.
  • Trusted Moderation Team.
  • Healthy and helpful community.
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