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Community Discord Ranking

A list of the Top 30 ranked users based on earned experience.

Experience System

How does the Experience and Ranking System in the Community discord work?

The member experience system works based on messages sent within our community channels.
Each message provides you with a certain amount of experience based on its length and contents.

The calculation of experience is 1 + (message length / 20) per message by default, there are a few exceptions.
Posting Images in the #memes channel grants extra experience.

People that have the Patron role by supporting us on Patreon receive a experience multiplier of x2.5.

People that have the Nitro Boost role by boosting the Discord Server receive a experience multiplier of x2.0.


Statistics on the experience system.

2.179.513 6.781
Ranked Users

The Ranking

It's not much but its honest work.

Gaining Ranks inside the community discord applies to everyone including the moderation and administration team. These so called ranks are granted with discord roles inside the community discord. These roles are changed when you gain a new rank. That means people that have just joined do not receive any rank until they meet the first experience breakpoints. You can find the amount of experience required for each rank in a sorted list to the right.

Please be aware that gaining experience is with intention easy in comparison to gaining new roles.
Average users require quite some time to reach certain roles and colors.
Due to the fact nobody likes a "flashing rainbow meme 420 no scope blaze" discord, all roles are within a specific color range.

People that have been in the community a long time in addition receive the role "Veteran".


A list of all obtainable ranks as discord roles.

1 . Initiate
1 exp +
2 . Acolyte
1.500 exp +
3 . Speaker
3.000 exp +
4 . Counsel
15.000 exp +
5 . Advocate
25.000 exp +
6 . Emissary
50.000 exp +
7 . Herald
70.000 exp +
8 . Champion
90.000 exp +
9 . Earl
150.000 exp +
10 . Lord
200.000 exp +
11. Apostle
250.000 exp +
1.000.000 exp +