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Our investment and service

We have created the Discord community of grim dawn around 4 years ago and have been taking care of it since.

Our current dedication and development time is invested towards having a custom bot and website running.
There are a lot of plans to expand the current features and design.
However to do realize our current plans we need your support.

Our monthly server costs are around 200€ total each year.

We hope that you help us continue our community and development services.
A single dollar already helps!

Monthly support.

Patreon Support

With patreon you have the ability to help us each month. You can select the amount you want to donate to us monthly. A single dollar on a monthly basis already covers almost 10% of our monthly server costs!

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Direct support.

Paypal Support

If you are more feeling towards a one time donation, you can support us with paypal. Each dollar we receive has a direct influence on the amount of time we can continue to provide our services.

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