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  1. Tags
  2. Introduction

Tag System

Custom text/embed replies based on chat commands and content.


What are tags and their function.

The tag system is implemented to have commonly requested content and answers directly on hand with a single bot command. Everyone can request tags by default. However all tags must be confirmed by the Server Owner over this website. Global tags that can be used in all discord servers that TheOutcast is inside of, are a matter of confirmation by the grim dawn discord community moderation team. Usually all submitted tags especially global ones should be related to Grim Dawn but are not limited to be.

Tags can be turned on and off.
All tags from the community discord are included by default as global tags but are overridden by your local tags.


Statistics on the tag system.

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Daily uses Total uses

Settings and Options.

Server member or administration settings and customization.

Tag Moderation

Local management.

All submitted tags before usage inside a discord need to be approve by the Server Owner. These Tags overwrite the global tags if they have the same name.

Approval Control Panel

Tag Moderation

Global management.

Submit global Tags that will be able to be called in all Discord Servers. These submission will be reviewed and should be related to Grim Dawn in some way.
Global tags are by definition all Tags from the Grim Dawn Community Discord Server.

Chat Settings & Prefix

Chat interaction with The Outcast regarding local and global tags.

You can modify the required permissions to access tag controlling commands as well as the tag prefix used to call these. As an Example you can use "!prefixASDF1234" instead of "!tag" to call a tag inside your Discord server, if you wish.