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  1. Tracking
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Tracking System

Custom text embeds based on Crate Entertainments social media activity.


What are the tackers and their function.

The main focus and goal is to give a easy way of tracking posts and social media content provided by Crate Entertainment (Crate Entertainment is the development studio behind Grim Dawn.). There are several different ways to follow Crate Entertainments social media activity and game streams. This bot allows to track all of them.

All officially available ways to follow are The Official Forum, Twitter, Twitch.

This system requires the name of the target channel specified, in the control panel.
It's possible to make this the sole functionality of the bot by deactivating all other functions inside the control panel.


Statistics on the tracking system.

158 2 11
Forum Posts
twitter Posts
twitch Posts

Discord API Issues

Due to recent forced changes of the Discord API you can find here.

Discord introduced new rule sets and locked a lot of previously publicly available API end points behind support requests and elevated manual permissions that need to be set by discord. Until i have received note from the Discord support team, i can support the official discord for the most part with the verification functionality. How ever on every other discord server, my hands are tied until i have received answer.

Tracker Overview.

All Trackers and their Social Media content provided as embeds to discord.


Discord Embed Content

  • Tweet Content
  • Preview Image
  • Exact Time Posted
Embed is posted to all servers the very moment the tweet is posted.


Discord Embed Content

  • Title
  • Preview Image
  • Start Time
Embeds are posted to all servers the very moment the stream starts.

Forum Tracker

Discord Embed Content

  • Thread Title
  • Content Preview (up to 150 characters)
  • Clickable link directly to the post
  • Author
  • Author Profile Image
  • Category / Subcategory
  • Exact Time Posted

Tracked Crate Employees

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