Forum User Verification

Advantages about being verified


General Advantages

You can find perks and information about being verified below.

Alot of commands are currently still in development and not released yet.

Bot Command

Forum Nickname

If you are forum verified a command allows you to toggle between your forum name as discord nickname and your real discord name.

More about this command

Community Discord

New Chat Color

You will receive a chat color that is above the first 3 roles in ranking. Granting you a light blue chat color inside the community discord.

Any rank above the 3rd (Speaker) will overwrite this chat color.

Community Discord

Discord name display

After your verification your discord name will be listed and displayed above non-verified discord members inside the grim dawn community discord.

Community Discord


Discord members inside the grim dawn community discord that are verified usually receive more considerate consequences for rule infringements. While we handle everybody with the same amount of respect, we do value the fact that you are not a stranger to us.

Additional commands and perks are in development.
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