Forum User Verification



Get a verification key

To receive a verification code, direct message the bot inside discord.
Send the following command as message to the bot "!verification".
The bot will then reply with a so called Verification Key.

An example of how this key looks like would be "8pAX0XHpAzFR".

Click the image for an example.


Send the verification key
Please read this step carefully.

To verify your forum identity, the bot needs to receive a message from you on the forum.
The private message needs to contain the verification key as title of the message.
The title must contain the verification key.
The actual content of the message is completely irrelevant to the bot.

Click here to send a private message

You need at least 3 posts inside the forum to send a private message.

Click the image for an example.


No further action required.

Verification complete

Within 30 seconds after the bot has received your message on the forum,
the bot will grant you a specific role with your forum name and (forum id).
As an example "TheOutcast (51009)".

You will also receive the role "Forum Verified".
This role will provide you access to the exclusive #forum discord channel.

Commands available for Verified members

Click the image for an example.

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