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  1. Verification
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Verification Instructions

How to verify your official Grim Dawn forum account and link it with your Discord account.


Official Grim Dawn forum account

An official forum account is required for further verification steps.

If you don't already have an account on the official Grim Dawn forum, you can click below to be redirected to sign up your account. The registration is free and only requires a valid e-mail address.

If you are already registered on the forum you can of course directly go to step two of your verification.


Direct message The Outcast in Discord

A discord account is required for this step, if you sign up here.


  • You need to be inside the Official Grim Dawn Community Discord.
  • Privacy settings that are setup to not restrict random people to direct message you.
  • A lovely heart

(If you meet the requirements above you are able to direct message The Outcast in discord.)

Send the following command as direct message to the bot: "!verification"

The bot will then reply with a so called Verification Key.
An example of how this key looks like would be "8pAX0XHpAzFR".


Send your Verification Key to The Outcast

Send the key as forum private message to The Outcast.

Click here to create a new private message towards the Outcast on the forum.

Please be sure to send your verification key as title of your message without any additional text. The actual content of your private message is irrelevant.


You are verified!

As soon as the bot has received your private message, you will get a direct message in discord.
Please be patient, this process can take some minutes in the beginning.

It can take up to several minutes to receive your Verification Role in all Discord Servers.