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  1. Verification
  2. Introduction

Global Forum Verification.

Linking of official Grim Dawn forum accounts with Discord accounts.


What this provides for users and administrators.

Discord inherently does not provide a service for third party account linking besides a few selected exceptions. This feature aims to mimic the third party account linkage with the official Grim Dawn forum. Allowing users and administrators to know who is who on the official forum of Grim Dawn and inside their Discord servers.

Everyone of the Grim Dawn community is able to verify themselves as members of the official Grim Dawn forum. The process of verifying is extremely simple and can be done by anyone who has a valid Grim Dawn forum account. However, once the process is finished. The linking of Accounts is permanent and cannot be changed in hindsight, please don't contact us to ask about that.

This option can be toggled on or off for every server.


Statistics on the forum verification system.

Total Verified Members

Discord API Issues

Due to recent forced changes of the Discord API you can find here.

Discord introduced new rule sets and locked a lot of previously publicly available API end points behind support requests and elevated manual permissions that need to be set by discord. Until i have received note from the Discord support team, i can support the official discord for the most part with the verification functionality. How ever on every other discord server, my hands are tied until i have received answer.

Settings and Options.

Server member or administration settings and customization.

Verification Server Role

Auto adds a role to verified members.

A Discord Server Role that is specified and automatically granted to every forum verified discord member in your Discord Server. This role is also granted within the Grim Dawn Community discord and grants several advantages, one of which is a new chat color.

INFO The name of the verification role for each server can be specified in the Server Settings when you are logged in. Click here to login.

Chat Commands

Chat interaction with The Outcast regarding verification status of discord users or specific forum profile details.

The ability to request the profile of any verified user with a chat command that is available in any open chat that The Outcast has access to, including the direct message chat.