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Welcome to Discord.

The quickest, safest and most versatile text and voice chat application available.

What is Discord

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Chat and voice social gaming application.

Discord is a Web and Desktop application allowing people to communicate through various ways including voice and text. Accessible in your browser or as a standalone client for your desktop or for your phone. Think of it as a community driven chat room with a lot of extra features.

Grim Dawn & Farthest Frontier Community Discords.

Join us in our discussions or get your dearest questions answered by the community and like minded people.


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Our Community

Join us in our devotion and interest in Grim Dawn and Farthest Frontier.

Join these communities in the most interactive and active way possible.

Our Community Discord provides dedicated channels and voice rooms for finding players and trading items and having fun in general.

  • Officially endorsed by Crate Ent.
  • Community held and managed.
  • Very large and active player base.
  • Clear guidelines of behavior.
  • Trusted Moderation Team.
  • Healthy and helpful community.